At Nutri-Go, helping you achieve a healthy lifestyle is our #1 goal!

Eating healthy is our paramount concern. We have a mission to help people in Canada get easy access to healthy meals every day. Nutri-Go ensures convenience and affordability with easy access to healthy meals prepared from certified organic and natural sources.

The purpose of our company is to make healthy eating a habit for Canadians. We understand the time commitment and hassle of preparing healthy meals, so we have dedicated ourselves to make it as easy as possible for you by preparing and delivering quality meals to your doorstep.

We prepare healthy and fresh meals and deliver them to families at home and individuals at workplaces. People who have busy schedules are unable to prepare meals most of the time, and that’s how we come through.

Whether you’re a parent, professional, an active single, or a couple, when you get home from a busy day at the office, wouldn’t you enjoy some personal or family time, knowing that you have home-cooked meals delivered? Fresh meals delivered are an excellent choice for any budget. You can enjoy gourmet food delivery in Calgary!

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide an environment where healthy meals and convenience can grow together. The average person or household spends 1-2 hours a day preparing and cooking meals, and additional time to clean up the mess and wash dishes. It’s a daunting task and an ineffective way to spend your limited free time. Some people choose to pick up a burger from a fast food restaurant to forget about the hustle of cooking, but it’s unhealthy and makes you sluggish. Our vision is to help make your life as easy and convenient as possible. We have a large selection of healthy meals – there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re a professional, a parent, an athlete, or you just don’t like to cook, we have healthy delicious meals for you.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide healthy and delicious meals for everyone in Calgary. Lifestyle and diet have a significant impact on individual wellness. Medical doctors recommend an active lifestyle and healthy diet. However, people find it hectic to prepare meals that have healthy benefits. Hence our mission is to cook for you and deliver what your body needs. We listen and keep in touch with our customers, and love seeing the results from healthy changes.


Our Philosophy

Dinnertime with family is essential in the culture of Canadians. During family dinners, people share experiences, receive nourishment, and nurturing. The experience creates strong bonds among family members. As we all know, sharing is caring, and when a family sits together and has dinner together, that shows they care for each other. However, busy schedules make it difficult to prepare and cook healthy meals. Nutri-Go makes it easy. Enjoy delicious healthy traditional meals prepared and delivered at your home.


Our Team

Our team comprises of people who have a passion for giving the best quality service to our customers. Nutri-Go’s professional Chef’s is committed to giving delicious healthy meals. We’re dedicated to finding natural and organic food products that are more nutritious for the body. The products are then incorporated to produce a sumptuous nutritious meal for our customers. All our meals are prepared from scratch and with the use of natural food products.