Lean? Maintain? Bulk? Keto? What do I choose?2019-09-15T22:39:51-07:00

Nutri-Go’s nutrition professionals have carefully curated a menu & PLANS to make selection easy.

  • Our LEAN meals are smaller portions containing fewer calories, great for people with lower caloric needs or for anyone as snacks between meals.
  • Our MAINTAIN meals are our regular-sized portions, containing 400-500 calories on average. This plan follows carb cycling. A lower carb/lower calorie day to be paired with easier workout days and a higher carb/higher calorie day to be paired with intense workouts. This plan can be used to lose or maintain weight.
  • Our BULK meals are just that, BULKED. These meals contain 550-700 calories and 1.5x the protein.
  • Our KETO meals are for those embracing a ketogenic, high fat/low carb diet. All KETO meals are created based on <50 grams of net carbs per day.
  • Our NO PLAN meals are for those just wanting GOOD food! While we do ensure our meals are nutritious with whole ingredients, these meals are created for flavour without restriction.
Can I Change My Subscription?2019-09-15T22:34:31-07:00

Of course! You can change your subscription by logging in to your online account. You can make changes at any time, prior to meal cut-offs.

Can I Pause Or Cancel My Subscription?2019-09-15T22:35:05-07:00

We understand that life can throw curve balls, or you have a vacation planned. You can easily pause, resume, and/or cancel your subscription at any time (respecting meal cut-offs) without penalty. If you have an order already in processing, it will be delivered.

How Much Protein, Fat and Calories Per Meal?2019-09-15T22:35:40-07:00

We carefully calculate the nutritional value of every menu item. That nutritional information is available at meal selection, as well as labelled on the dish at delivery. If you requested ingredient modifications, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of listed nutritional information.

If I Order Now, How Long Until I Receive My Order?2019-09-15T22:36:24-07:00

Upon ordering, you will be prompted to select your exact delivery date! Our website makes it easy for you to order up to 13 weeks in

What happens If My Card Expires Or Declines?2019-08-27T08:36:03-07:00

If for whatever reason your credit card is declined, we will automatically try charge your card again in 24 hours. If your card is declined the second time, we will suspend your subscription. It’s not cancelled, just on pause until you login and update your payment information.