Nutri-go is an absolute lifesaver!! My husband and I have been using the meal service for over a year now and we couldn’t be happier. Not only is the food super fresh & tasty but they are able to accommodate my husband’s laundry list of food intolerances. They have incredible variety which makes it a sustainable option over the long term. Highly recommended!

Heather D

Fluid Energy Group Ltd. along with SciencePak and SixRing (our Fluid group of companies in Canada), has been purchasing meals for our Calgary employees at our two Calgary sites throughout Covid. Nutri-Go meals have allowed us to keep our employees safe, healthy and satisfied with the varied offerings while easily increasing productivity and limiting exposure events. We are regularly feeding anywhere from 30-50 employees and contractors per-day / per facility (2) and have observed consistent service and a high level of quality and customer care. I would highly recommend this option whether your simply trying to eat healthier at home, or feeding large groups daily!

– Clay Purdy, CEO

When I first started Nutri-Go I was unsure what to expect. Nonetheless, I have been blown away with the meals and the care that goes into the customer service I receive. The meals are fabulous, taste great and are exactly what I was looking for to fit into my dietary needs. Steph in the office has been very helpful as I navigated the food selections and patient with correcting my errors. She is always on top of my countless food changes. They have been quick to respond to my questions and Rod is wonderful at communicating when to expect meals. None of this between 8am-5pm stuff, they understand time is sensitive for most families. But for most is the quality of the meals I receive. By far the best meal option company to satisfy my taste buds while keeping my macros in check. Thank you again to the team at Nutri-Go for making my experience so flawless!

– Tanya Lavinskas 

I was looking to maintain focus during a weight loss challenge. I heard about Nutri-Go and ordered their meals. In my 45 day journey, I lost 15.4 lbs and much can be attributed to the great meal prep at Nutri-Go. Excellent client care and tasty meals. The food had plenty of flavour and I didn’t feel hungry. They take the thought and work out of your hands. I would highly recommend this company. Rod is also great to work with.

Jason Provencher

The best meal prep company!
I am a vegetarian and have been ordering Nurti-Go’s vegan meal plan. It is absolutely amazing. They are so great with customizing the meals if you have any allergies. Every meal is fresh and flavourful. The tofu is tossed in homemade seasoning- so it isn’t bland or boring. I have been ordering meals for over 7 months now and still look forward to them every week!
Who knew vegan meals could be so delish! I even got my meat eating boyfriend on the vegan meals and he loves them.

– Sandra Lavinskas

If you are a busy person living in the Calgary area, then do you ever need to try Nutri-Go! As someone who struggles to meal prep, getting in a variety of food, and tracking her macros…Nutri-Go has been a life saver for this gal. With a great price for the delivery, prepackaging, and nutrition info I have not been disappointed. Rod also demonstrates great customer service by keeping his clients informed with weekly check ins on your satisfaction. I have a lactose allergy and he was so accommodating in reassuring my dietary needs would be met and that I didn’t miss out on flavour by getting creative with vegan cheeses, alternative sauces, and more!

– Ava

Keeping our fitness goals on track with the most convenience possible to go along with AMAZING quality food, for a very affordable cost! Couldn’t recommend Nutri-Go Meals enough to anyone looking for a game changer!

– Dylan & Vanessa, F45

Thank you for what you do!  Your service has saved me countless hours and headaches over healthy meal prep and grocery shopping, especially during the pandemic!   As a busy professional that co-owns and operates a Nutrition Coaching company, as well as dedicating 36 to 48 hours per week to shift work with AHS, my time is very limited and valuable. You have granted me the ability to stay on top of my own fitness goals, while also granting me the freedom to give more time to my clients and family. Keep up the amazing work!

– Coach Sean with Don’t Sweat It Nutrition

FIVE Stars. I heard about Nutri-Go through a friend who absolutely loved the service, and initially was drawn by the convenience factor. What I quickly discovered was the improvement of my energy levels after a NG meal vs my typical food court lunch! Now, I spend less, get more, and packing lunch takes zero effort; sometimes I even cave and eat these meals for dinner.

Daryl Clark

I’ve tried a few of these companies, and Nutri-Go is clearly the best. The quality of the food can’t be beat, and on top of that the customer service is exceptional. Highly recommended.

– Ted Greenhough

I’ve had a great experience with Nutri-go. Exceptional customer service from Rod and Steph! They did an excellent job of adapting to my dietary food allergies. I found most of the food fresh, nutritious, tasty, and balanced. Plus calories already counted. Saves me from weekly meal prep! I absolutely recommend them!

Sasha D